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Peoria Ford Commercial has been awarded the state contract for police cars. This is a BIG deal because it means that every new Ford police car you see on the road will have come from your trusted Ford Interceptor authority - Peoria Ford Commercial!

Your duty is to protect and serve. Our duty is to provide you with the best vehicles to get the job done. Peoria Ford Commercial is proud to offer its service men and women some of the most well-engineered police cars in the Phoenix area. The Ford Police Interceptor lineup is precision crafted and fully outfitted to provide elite performance and maximized safety.

You can find these new police cars for sale near your precinct. To demo one, please call or fill out our online form to have one of our friendly representatives contact you.

Ford Police Interceptor Utility
Ford F-150 Police Responder
Ford F-150 SSV
Ford Expedition/MAX SSV
Ford Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle

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Pursuit-rated AWD and stability control deliver a one-two punch of driving confidence, but you can never be too prepared. This is precisely why safety cell construction, boron steel, and the sophisticated Personal Safety System are standard.

The Ford Police Interceptor is the only pursuit-rated vehicle certified to the 75-mph rear-impact standard - this proud tradition of extreme protection is exclusive. Carry out your heroic deeds with the added protection of ballistic front door panels.
V6 powertrains provide you with a fuel-economy bump - as well as a performance boost - while the 6-speed transmission is police tuned, adjusting to your driving habits.
Police-programmed AdvanceTrac stability gives you the confidence to hit corners hard: Its 4-wheel ABS, traction control and yaw sensors team up and take corrective measures in an instant.
4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes are of the high-performance variety to stop you as rapidly as you accelerate - the massive high-thermal-capacity brakes feature a 60% greater swept area compared to the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI).
To handle specialized departmental needs that don’t require pursuit capability, Ford Special Service Vehicles are specifically equipped to fill out your law enforcement fleet. For tactical work, off-road duty, prisoner transport and other needs, Ford’s SSV models have you covered.
Ford Police Interceptor upfits are assembled to achieve the highest standards of safety and quality, and give you the ability to make modifications to suit your exact needs.

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Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Every day, you serve our community. Now, there's a specially crafted police vehicle built to serve you. The new Ford Police Interceptor Utility isn't your average SUV. It's designed for full pursuit applications, meaning that you'll have the power, safety equipment and high-performance abilities you require during the most heated moments on the job.

Peoria Ford Commercial is Arizona's headquarters for all Ford Interceptor police SUVs in the Phoenix area and beyond. We've been awarded the contract for police cars by Arizona's State Procurement Office, which means that we're the designated Ford Interceptor and law enforcement vehicle provider for the entire Grand Canyon State. You've served us, now it's our duty to serve you with the best possible Ford police SUV sales in the Phoenix metro area! Whether you're searching for police utility vehicles in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Avondale or Glendale, Peoria Ford Commercial is your top resource!

The latest-generation Ford Police Interceptor Utility is the first-ever pursuit-rated hybrid police SUV. Its V6 and electric motor combine to deliver enhanced power and performance, with no compromises when it comes to safety and cabin space. It’s a smart choice for community budgets as well, offering significant potential fuel savings, reduced emissions, potentially fewer fill-ups, and less downtime to keep both vehicles and officers on the road.
Even with a hybrid, you’ll still have all the power you need to track down bad guys safely at high speed. When tested by Michigan State Police in 2018, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid had the fastest 0-100 mph acceleration, fastest lap, fastest average lap and highest top speed of 137 mph compared to competing police utility vehicles, including some with V8 engines.
Contact us to schedule a demo and experience the police vehicles for sale at our Phoenix-area dealership firsthand.

The Ford Police Interceptor offers solid control and easy maneuverability, no matter the street conditions. A six-speed transmission with specially programmed shift points allows you to maximize acceleration when required, and thanks to the SUV's smart all-wheel-drive configuration you'll be able to nab bad guys, even on bad roads. Additionally, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) and high-quality suspension components aid in the Ford Police SUV's smooth ride, agile cornering and turning, and car-like maneuvering abilities - whether you're cruising at low speed or rapidly closing in on a culprit.

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility is built to deliver extreme protection to officers. It’s the only vehicle, worldwide, engineered to meet the 75-MPH rear-impact crash test. In addition, the SUV’s SPACE (Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement) Architecture, along with structural reinforcement, work to keep officers protected on the job.
Smart technologies enhance security as well. Along with available pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility can be equipped with Police Perimeter Alert. This feature uses BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) sensors to monitor approximately 270-degree outside of the vehicle and analyze the motion to determine if a behavior is a potential threat. If a threat is detected, the system will sound a chime, activate the Rear View Camera, and automatically roll up the windows and lock the doors.
Additional security is provided by Ford's 5-year/100,000-mile powertrain coverage and other standard warranties, which offer protection you can count on in writing. This ample coverage is proof of the confidence that Ford Motor Company has in every Interceptor they build.

If you require more cargo volume and interior flexibility than a sedan can provide, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility was designed for your needs. You'll not only have more cabin space to carry passengers and store equipment, but also added leg, shoulder and head room, which means that you'll enjoy greater comfort. In addition to this, the Interceptor Utility offers a convenient high-opening liftgate that gives easy access to a large trunk.
Smart tech features also play a role in providing convenience and connectivity. For starters, every new Ford Police Interceptor Utility comes with a built-in Ford modem and complimentary two-year Ford TelematicsTM subscription.* There’s also standard hands-free Bluetooth, which allows you to provide voice commands to mobile devices.
Great options are available too, including a 12.1-inch Integrated Computer Screen that clears up valuable space in the front passenger cabin by allowing on-board laptops to be relocated to the rear cargo area. The screen includes SYNC with audio controls integrated directly into the display.

Contact us today for even more information about the Ford Police Interceptor Utility models we have on sale at our dealership. We're proud to be the sole home of Ford's police SUVs for Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Glendale shoppers, as well as all other law enforcement vehicle buyers in Arizona who are searching for Ford products. If you've been looking up police SUVs for sale in Phoenix or surrounding cities, please contact us for details about current vehicle pricing and specials.
*2-year subscription for Ford Telematics starts on vehicle sale date. Subscription features may be limited. Factors causing this limitation may include, but are not limited to, issues related to cellular coverage, carrier outages and carrier network service interruptions. Complimentary service ends after two years.

Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

Law enforcement officials need every edge in the escalating war on crime; an aging police car fleet may put officers at a serious disadvantage in the field. Peoria Ford Commercial is the Arizona contract holder for Ford Interceptor sedans and the state's number-one new outlet for police fleet cars. The Interceptor is built with 60 years of expertise and offers law enforcement leading technologies, advanced safety features and powerful engines to get the job done in any situation. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan below.


The Ford Police Interceptor was thoroughly road-tested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Michigan State Police prior to its official launch. It offers several unique features that differentiate it from other police vehicles like the Dodge Charger Pursuit, Chevy Caprice PPV and the Crown Victoria PI. For starters, the Interceptor is equipped with top-of-the-line officer safety features, including ballistic door panels, all-wheel drive, and electronic stability and roll stability control. It also includes the Ford Personal Safety System, which uses sensors to calculate the severity of a frontal crash and deploy safety measures accordingly. The Interceptor sedan is rated to pass a 75-mph rear-end collision, thanks to Ford's Side Protection and Cabin Enhancement Architecture.

Ford Police Interceptor cars are available with two different V6-engine options: A 3.5-liter TI-VCT with 280 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. of torque, or a 3.5-liter EcoBoost with 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. Both engines are calibrated for high-performance driving, long periods of idling or regular all-day use. The base model 3.5-liter engine with 280 horsepower outperforms the Crown Victoria PI by 30 horsepower, while the EcoBoost version offers 115 more horses. The optional EcoBoost engine is direct fuel injected and contains twin turbochargers for extra torque and power.

In order to keep an officer's eyes on the road, the Blue Oval has implemented MyFord driver-connect technology on steering wheel-mounted controls. Additional touch commands may be accessed via a 4.2-inch color display monitor. Optional tech features include a rearview camera display and sensing system, the BLIS blind spot information system and the voice-activated SYNC hands-free communication system.


Peoria Ford Commercial is your source for top quality police cars. If you’re searching for a Ford Police Interceptor Sedan in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or another city in the Valley, it’s worth the trip to our dealership. Let our team of professionals work with you to arrange a fleet of capable, durable and performance-oriented police cars. All Ford Interceptors are upfit-friendly, meaning that additional aftermarket equipment can be purchased and added with ease and efficiency. Contact Peoria Ford Commercial today to learn more about all available options, features and technologies.


We're proud to help local law enforcement companies access some of the best police car sales in the Phoenix metro area. For even more information about Peoria Ford's Police Interceptors, contact us today by filling out the form at the top right of this page. We'll have one of our experts contact you shortly about scheduling a demo and they'd be happy to answer any questions you might have at the time.

Behind the wheel of the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility, you'll get the hard-hitting performance and reliable safety features you're looking for. Plus, you can depend on these police cars to stick it out through years of hard use. Thanks to a combination of intelligent design and high-endurance materials, you can count on the fact that these vehicles are up to the challenge of facing the hardest tasks, and that they'll perform at the same level of excellence year after year!

Whether you're looking for Tempe, Mesa, Glendale or Phoenix police car sales, it's worth the drive to Peoria Ford! Contact us today for more information!

Get more space and confidence

You've got the power of choice - an all-V6 lineup paired with AWD: SEDAN UTILITY

  • 365 hp = V6 3.5L Eco Boost®5,6 304 hp = V6 3.7L Ti-VCT6
  • All-new 305 hp = V6 3.7 Ti-VCT5,6
  • 288 hp = V6 3.5L Ti-VCT6 (standard)

STANDARD - pursuit-rated all-wheel drive (AWD)2 is your right-hand man:

It's police-calibrated for aggressive driving, plus enhanced handling and precise control; by the milliseconds, this self-activating system preemptively distributes torque among all 4 wheels to help prevent wheel slip in all weather conditions and on all road types.

V6 powertrains provide you with a fuel-economy bump

as well as a performance boost - versus the 4.6L V8 CVPI, while the 6-speed transmission is police tuned, adjusting to your driving habits.

Police-programmed AdvanceTrac® stability4 gives you the confidence to hit corners hard:

Its 4-wheel ABS, traction control and yaw sensors team up and take corrective measures in an instant. 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes are of the high-performance variety to stop you as rapidly as you accelerate - the massive high-thermal-capacity brakes feature a 60% greater swept area compared to the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI)