More Visibility Into Your Vehicles Can Mean More Productivity for Your Business

Fleet managers can’t be everywhere. Now, they don’t have to be. Ford Pro™ Telematics now offers a dashcam that captures road and cabin events so you can help optimize performance and protect your business.

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See Both Sides of the Story

Fleet managers often hear conflicting accounts. No matter who says what, a video is worth a thousand words. Get an impressive view when you combine high-quality footage with OEM-grade data. Ford Pro™ Telematics and the available dashcam help reinforce good habits and boost driver confidence.

Capture Crucial Insights - Record Real Results

Get concrete benefits for your business with the powerful combination of dashcam video and Ford Pro™ Telematics data.

Expand Fleet Visibility

Expand Fleet Visibility

Cabin- and road-facing lenses automatically capture 144° inside and 96° outside any make of vehicle. View color or infrared footage in 1080P HD and easily find important moments without sifting through hours of video. Drivers can use the Event Trigger Button to timestamp unexpected action on the road ahead.

Reinforce Good Driving

Reinforce Good Driving

Capture speeding, harsh braking, eating and cell phone use with video footage, and provide tips with in-vehicle coaching. You can also track and reward improvement with Driver Reports.

Maximize Uptime

Maximize Uptime

Keep your fleet on the street. Get alerts about warning lights, oil life and recalls. Plus, schedule service right in the app.

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